About Dr. Glenn Robinson

Dr. Glenn Robinson

Dr. Glenn Robinson provides in-home veterinary services and focuses on senior pet care in Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding communities - a cause he feels passionate about.

“Senior pets have more needs than younger pets do and being able to take extra time to care for them is something that’s been important to me,” says Dr. Robinson. “I want older dogs and cats to feel good for as long as possible so they can enjoy their golden years. And when it’s time to ease their suffering through euthanasia, I'm honored to help them make that transition peacefully.”

Growing Up

Dr. Robinson grew up in rural Iowa. He and his family raised horses and trained them for show. He was also active in 4-H, showing dairy goats on a national level. It was during these childhood experiences, that his passion for caring for animals was sparked.

Becoming a Veterinarian

While earning his bachelor’s degree in animal science at Iowa State University, Dr. Robinson worked as a veterinary technician and research assistant. He continued studying at Iowa State University and received his doctorate in veterinary medicine from there as well.

Senior Pet Care Specialist

Caring for senior dogs and cats has always been top of mind for Dr. Robinson. After graduating, he worked as a primary care veterinarian at a Phoenix veterinary clinic. But he noticed that senior pets (and their people) had special needs, some of which were difficult to address in the typical clinic environment. He also realized how important it was to educate clients on the needs of their pets as a part of patient care. His mission now is to help people and their senior pets live their best lives together.

Personal Interests

Dr. Robinson enjoys spending time outdoors, attending sports events, and traveling with his wife and son. He has a leopard gecko and two dogs that keep him company at home too.