About Dr. Debra Freiberg

Dr. Debra Freiberg

Dr. Debra grew up in southern Ohio and wanted to be a veterinarian from an early age. When others were playing with dolls she was "doctoring" stuffed animals. She was a horse lover almost from birth but grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati and finally talked her parents into buying a horse at age 12. Horses have been an integral part of her life since.

Shortly after graduating from the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine she started her first practice in rural Montana and became the only veterinarian in 50 miles, seeing everything from the class rat to the traveling circus elephant. She enjoyed being part of a small town where clients are your friends and neighbors. She always had an interest in holistic medicine and has received much training over the years in various holistic modalities which she has used since 1998 in practices in Montana, Washington and Arizona.

Though in-home pet euthanasia has always part of her mobile practices, she has been in the in-home pet euthanasia specialty field for over 3 years. She considers it a privilege to help pets and their owners through the end of life process in the comfort of home.

When not working, Dr. Debra along with her husband Walt, spends many hours in the saddle riding, training and competing in the sport of endurance racing. She also enjoys just hanging out at home with Walt, her horses, Tirzah and Sovy, and their two Rat Terriers, Kori and River.