Pet Cremation

pet cremation

Many people have a hard time thinking about death and how to move forward afterward. And that applies to our pets too. We understand that grieving the loss of your furry pal—whether it’s in anticipation of your pet’s final moments or after your pet’s passing—can make it incredibly difficult to discuss pet cremation.

We try to make the process as easy as possible by coordinating the aftercare, from gently transporting your pet’s remains from your home to scattering the ashes or delivering them back to you. We know that pets deserve the same level of care and thought after they’ve passed as they did during life.

Dog and Cat Cremation Options

We work with an environmentally thoughtful crematorium that uses water rather than fire to turn pet remains into ashes (aquamation). There are two types of cat and dog cremations available:

Private pet cremation

In private cremation, pets are cremated individually to ensure the ashes are entirely from that single pet. You receive your pet’s ashes back in a lovely wooden urn or another urn of your choice.

Communal pet cremation

With communal cremation, pets are cremated in a group. If you choose this option, your pet’s ashes won’t be returned to you but instead will be spread on your behalf.

Pet Cremation Prices

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What to Expect After Your Pet’s Death

We offer the coordination of pet cremation as a part of our in-home euthanasia service. We also provide the service for families whose pets have naturally passed at home—once you notify us, we’ll send a veterinary professional to your residence.

After snuggling a pet’s body in a clean blanket, we gently place cats and smaller dogs in a nice basket and larger dogs on a stretcher to prepare for transport. If you select private cremation, your pet’s ashes are returned to you in an urn.

We’ll let you know when your pet’s ashes are available for pick up from our cremation center in Mesa. We can also drop off the ashes for a small fee. If you choose a communal cremation, your pet’s ashes will be peacefully spread on your behalf.

Learn About Pet Cremation Services Near You

Luna Veterinary Care provides in-home pet hospice, euthanasia and pet cremation services in the Phoenix area. Call or text us at 855-459-1066 for more details. Our care coordinators are available to answer questions and discuss options to help you make a decision you can feel good about.

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